Tips to start corporate catering

Do you dream as a caterer to share your cooking and baking skills with the rest of the Singapore? That is possible, of course. But rules are attached to starting your own company as the best corporate catering services.

 Important business steps

If you want to sell your dishes, in your own shop or your own web shop, you have to keep to a number of rules:

  1. Register at the Chamber of Commerce

If you want to register your company, you must first enter your details on a digital form. Here you will find that form. Then you have to go to one of the offices of the Chamber of Commerce that arranges your further registration. This costs minimum money.

  1. Open a business account

It is not mandatory to open a business account, but it is useful. The Chamber of Commerce strongly recommends this. If you open a business account, you have a better financial overview.

  1. Register with the Country Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority

Before you can register you will need you identity. This is a means by which you can identify digitally when you do business with the government online. Keep this in mind if you make a choice! Pay attention! The purchase and use of an eRecognition tool is not free. These costs vary per eRecognition and per confidence level. The overview also shows the costs of each provider.

  1. You may also need to apply for accreditation

Companies need recognition if they work with raw food of animal origin (meat, fish, dairy, eggs). If you are at an event once or twice a year, you do not have to register. If you are more often at an event or market, you will no longer be seen as a private person and these rules apply to you.

How to find skilled online florist

A bride wants everything on the wedding day to be perfect and memorable forever! Particularly worried because of the details they themselves are the “culprits of the celebration,” which for one only choice of the style of a dress from hundreds of existing spend weeks, if not months. But if the dress is finally chosen, you can take a little breath, and then enjoy the selection of other accessories to it. If you are looking for the perfect bouquet then you may rely on the skilled online florist. There you will find many options for a bridal bouquet.

If the choice of the bride fell on the style of the dress, where the waist line is overstated, a fan-shaped composition will be stylistically faithful to the bouquet. A stricter dress or even a white suit chosen by the business lady will require a bouquet in the form of a “daddy” or “scepter.”

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