Great Options for Drinking Beer for You Now

When you buy a bottle of beer you do not have to worry about the vintage, but there are some things to keep in mind. Beer is a very delicate product, which is affected by environmental conditions and easily suffers from it. Three are his main enemies. The first is oxygen: that’s why the package, once opened, should be consumed quickly. For the same reason we use carbon dioxide and not compressed air to pressurize draft beer.

The second enemy is light, which is able to alter the taste of beer, like that of oil or wine. We will then take care to choose packages not exposed directly to the sun or artificial light, in the window or just under the neon of the supermarket. Instead, colored bottles, able to better filter the light, and the multiple packs, in which the cardboard is to protect the bottles, are advisable. The use of the Personalised Stubby Coolers is perfect in this matter.


  • The third enemy is time. The beer should be consumed fresh, as soon as possible after leaving the production plant, in any case within a maximum of eighteen months.
  • The only exceptions to this rule are aging beers. The latter are particularly alcoholic and hopped to bear the weight of years; unfiltered and unpasteurized, they are able to evolve over time just like a good wine. Usually they reach the peak of maturation within five years but sometimes they can even reach twenty-five. They are often distinguishable because they show the year of production on the label. To those who intend to grow old some examples it is good to remember some rules. The bottles with the cork must be kept in a horizontal position slightly inclined forward.

The service temperature

At what temperature should beer be consumed? Obviously it depends on the type of product. The range ranges from 3-4 ° C of light beers to 16-17 of some abbey and barley wine beers. In this regard it will be useful to dispel some commonplaces such as, for example, the one according to which the beer in England drinks hot. In fact, in traditional English pubs the beer is not chilled, but the barrels are kept in the cellars and the ambient temperature is not the same as we have in Italy.

In general we can say that the service temperature will increase as the complexity and the taste structure of the product increase. If a light lager is content with 6-7 ° C, a pilsner already requires a couple of extra notches.

The glasses

The last indication before enjoying our beer concerns the glass. The glass has not only an aesthetic function and, as with the serving temperature, each beer requires its own. In the collective imagination, beer is drunk from the mug.

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