Essential For the Proper Protection of the Cold

Currently there is a nice sun in the country, but that certainly does not mean that it is wise to think about your winter collection. The weather can quickly turn around in our small little country. A cold winter is expected in our country. A warm winter coat is therefore a very important item in your wardrobe. For men and women it is both important to buy a warm coat.

The first tip we give is therefore: do not save on a winter coat. You can certainly spend $ 100 on a winter coat. The item you wear almost all winter and are therefore different than a sweater or pants. In addition, a winter coat lasts more than one year. The role of the Denmark jacket happens to be quite important in this case.

Wool coats are generally neater and consist mainly of trench coat models. Mantels are made of wool and are also neat. Are you looking for a sportier jacket than a down jacket is better. In this category, longer models are also available that are attractive. In addition, these jackets often have a belt and hood.

When buying a winter coat it is smart to pay attention to buttons or zippers. A jacket with many buttons can still let in cold wind. The best is a jacket that has a combination; both zippers and buttons. Also pay attention to the length of the jacket, collar and hood. Never buy a coat too small, this can be uncomfortable when wearing a thick sweater.

Winter is coming to an end and temperatures are rising a little more. We already wrote about between which thin winter coats or between coats you can choose. In this article we show you a pair of beautiful thin winter jackets for ladies!

Dorothy Perkins winter coat cream

This short jacket has a fake fur layer that gives him that cozy winter look. But because of the cream color it looks like a piece of spring-like. The outer layer is made of 100% polyester and the lining of 100% polyamide. Furthermore, the jacket has a high collar, a zipper, side pockets and darts. The jacket is also available in black and costs $ 64.95.

Kiomi Winter coat

Another fluffy jacket is in a beautiful soft pink / nude color. This short jacket looks a bit like a cape through the model and the sleeves that are wider. The jacket is made of 100% polyester just like the lining. On days when it is not so cold, this is the perfect neat thin winter coat that you can combine well with skirts and suits. The jacket has a hook closure and costs $ 99.95.

When buying a winter coat it is important to look at the label on the inside. With cheaper coats the filling is often only 40% wool, the rest is then supplemented with acrylic. The jacket often looks warm, but still these jackets will be cold when the winter arrives. That is why you should not settle for jackets that have less than 60-70% wool. However, it is true that the jacket is more expensive when there is more wool, but the jacket is also warmer. Pure shaving coats are generally expensive, around $ 200. However, these are the warmest jackets available.
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